Our farm offers a real educational and interactive experience for children.  Children will get the opportunity to touch and feed the animals by hand. Watch a mother hen with her chicks, the baby goats jump and play and the alpacas watch everyone with their curious eyes. At Meadows Family Farm children get to explore and discover all the different sounds around them on the farm. This may be unlike anything they have ever experienced. Have you ever heard the unique sound of a donkey braying? You will hear it as the donkeys get excited when they see you coming. This close up interactive experience with the animals is very exciting for children and even adults, as you watch them discover their favorite animal.

Children will also discover so many textures on the farm. From the soft alpaca fleece to the coarse pig hair and even the wet grass and dry hay, there are things to touch and learn all around them.  We have picnic tables available for your lunch or snack, and our giant sandbox will be perfect for anyone full of energy.

We can’t wait to welcome you here!

train pic_edited.jpg


Hop aboard the Meadows Family Farm Zoo Choo Choo!! Sit back and enjoy the scenery while the tractor train ride ventures down the trail and around the farm.



Take a little break and let your kids run, jump, and explore the playground. Our slides, giant sand box and peddle track will be perfect for anyone full of energy!


Come Celebrate your Birthday at

Meadows Family Farm!

Taking bookings now for 2022

Make your child’s birthday party one to remember; an adventure here on our farm. We offer a mix of fun, farm related activities enjoyable for all!



The month of October is pumpkin picking time here at Meadows Family Farm.  Come on down and pick the perfect pumpkin, visit the animals, take a train ride, jump in our corn pit, and enjoy some fun fall games and more!

christmas 4.jpg


Christmas's fondest memories start with picking the right tree.

Over for 2021, See you next season!



As your farmers, we are committed to growing you the best local, organically grown produce possible, in almost all weather! We are committed to providing you with an abundant variety of fresh, delicious and nutrient dense vegetables every week of the season. Although we are not certified organic, we do believe in the principles of organic certification, and we use absolutely no chemicals whatsoever on our farm. And that means happy, healthy plants, more abundant crops and the best vegetables for our wonderful customers like you!!!

Image by Léonard Cotte


Come and take stroll through the lavender field this coming summer and enjoy the amazing scents of the lavender.  When in full bloom during the summer months,  you can also pick your own fresh bundle.

Child holding Painted Lady or Cosmopolitan Butterfly - Safe on Hand.jpg


Coming June of 2022!  We will have a seasonal Painted Lady butterfly exhibit.  Come and enjoy the beauty and magic of butterflies.  Sharing the wonder of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Educating visitors on our native butterfly species and how they contribute to our local agriculture, gardens and beauty.

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